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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

Red 4

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Red Four and a new academic year. This is a key year for the children and one in which we seek to challenge and develop them both in their academic study and in their citizenship within the school. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you about what your child will be learning in school.

Our main topic for this half term is entitled ‘Dream World’ with a focus on aspirations,  achievement and friendships. We attempt, where ever possible, to link other areas of the curriculum to this topic in order to enhance meaning and provide a context for learning.

English – The focus book for Autumn 1 will be ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl. Children will be developing their ability to write in different styles.
Maths – Place value, shape and space, data handling, problem solving and the four operations. The children will need to learn all of the times tables and will be tested on them regularly.
History – After Half Term we will be studying the Tudors.
Music – The children will be given opportunities to participate in singing sessions and listen to music related to the topic studied.
Art – We will be developing the children’s observational drawing skills. 
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – We attempt to bring this into most areas of the curriculum to support and enhance the children’s learning experiences. They will be researching facts about Roald Dahl and different aspects of life during the Tudor era.
Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) – We will be encouraging the children to think about their self esteem and their relationships with each other.
Physical Education – Our PE session will be on Mondays.  The children will require trainers, shorts or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt to change into. For the first half term the children will be swimming on Fridays at St. Thomas the Apostle School.
Science - The children will be learning about The States of Matter.
Geography - The children will be learning about the Tudor World.

Visits - In order to make the curriculum the children will be studying more relevant, we intend to organise a variety of educational visits.  At such times the children will be ambassadors for John Donne School, so a very high standard of conduct will be expected of them. Naturally, before any such visit you will receive further details. 

Home work – We will set the children spellings and times tables to learn each week for small and informal tests. The children will be expected to read for at least 20 minutes daily and undertake a Home Reading Journal later in the term. Books are freely available to borrow from school.  Book Bags can be purchased from the school office. Homework is expected to be completed and returned on time. Your child may find it helpful if you are able to sit down with them and help them start their task. Each piece of homework should take no longer than 20 minutes. Homework during the week supports and facilitates the children’s learning in class. Independent learning tasks will be set each half term.

Lateness – Many children arrive at school promptly at 08.45, however there are a few who are persistently late. We are hoping that this year all children will arrive on time. We begin teaching immediately and children who are regularly late miss the introduction to the first session and also disturb the concentration of others.

Some reminders – If your child is absent, please let us know with a note, a phone call or by telling us personally. We can authorise an absence only when we have been informed of a reason. If you know your child has a forthcoming medical appointment, please let us know in advance.

Queries and questions – If you have any questions or wish to ask about anything related to school life please do not hesitate to speak to us. We are always in the playground at 15.15. Small difficulties that the children have in school tend to stay small if we have regular contact with you.

We look forward to this year with the children and anticipate it as a time for them to further develop and mature.


Yours truly

Red Four Team

Ms Dzakpasu          Ms Etem          Mrs Ravagnan          Ms McGill