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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

The Communitas Education Trust

Who are we?

The Communitas Education Trust has been set up by the governors of John Donne Primary School to enable the development of a group of schools in Southwark and surrounding areas, gathering around a shared vision.

Schools in the Trust

John Donne Primary School

John Keats Primary School (planned opening September 2018)

Goose Green Primary School

Vision and values

We will act as a positive catalyst for improvement and opportunity within our community of schools.


We expect to be known as:

  • Highly pastoral
  • Working in partnership with each other as equals
  • Working as servants to the community
  • Highly ethical in practice
  • Demonstrating integrity in relationships and roles
  • Developing a global view for all members
  • Showing care for each individual member

Mission: What is our main job?

  • To provide schools of the very highest quality
  • To provide an impeccable level of service from and to the Trust and to our school community
  • To provide an engaging and stimulating curriculum which enables pupils to learn and achieve the highest standards with enjoyment
  • To demonstrate distinctive characteristics of care and support in our schools
  • To promote and encourage personal and professional leadership and management at all levels
  • To centralise systems to provide a consistent and effective service to the community
  • To establish a culture of fun and enjoyment across the Trust and in our schools

Educational approach


  1. Our Community

    Serving our local community is a core feature of our vision. We plan to work collaboratively and build strong working relationships locally, nationally and internationally with other schools, Southwark Local Authority, Southwark Teaching Schools’ Alliance, local nursery provision and Goldsmiths College.

  2. Children’s Experiences

    We envisage that Communitas Education Trust will significantly improve our pupils’ life chances.  Children will receive outstanding teaching across a range of subjects in a broad and balanced curriculum.  Children will leave our schools having achieved well and been prepared for the next stage of their education.  They will be schools where every child becomes.

    • Highly literate and numerate, with good technology skills
    • A problem-solver, a collaborator and a leader.
    • Resilient
    • Respectful of, and a positive contributor to their community and peers
    • A confident enquiring individual with adventure, outdoor and multi-cultural learning experiences
    • A ‘legacy leaver’ for their fellow pupils and their community
    • Academically successful
  3. Exciting and Creative Pedagogy

    Our experience and the growing body of educational research evidence enable us to understand clearly that our pupils learn most effectively when they are:

  • Actively engaged with their learning.
  • Given sufficient time to address their emotional and social needs.
  • Receive clear structures which set out ways to learn effectively.
  • Exposed to a curriculum which is relevant to the pupils everyday lives, is thematic in its approaches and demonstrates clear connections between literacy, numeracy and other curriculum areas.

Trust membership

Communitas Trust Membership 

October 2016


Tim Higginson
Paul Marray
Adrian Sparks
Kevin Rose





Tim Higginson
Eileen O`Mahony
Fleur Nieboer
Paul Bridge
Adrian Sparks
Chloe McCulloch
Chair of John Keats Local Governing Body
Bridie Tooher
CEO Nick Tildsley