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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School


Dear Parents,

We are excited about our new topic ‘Animals’ where we will be learning about different types of animals, their young, their habitats, what they eat and how they move. We will be exploring this topic in a multisensory way.

We are also starting our phonics programme: ‘Pre Fab Phonics’ which is a multisensory approach to learning about letters and their sounds as well as focussing upon letters that are significant to us.


TOPIC - Animals

Linda Nicholls

Nursery Manager /

Early Years SENCO

Week 1   Doing the Animal BOP!

Week 2  Giraffe Can’t Dance

Week 3  Rumble in the Jungle

Week 4  A Squash and a Squeeze

Week 5  The Little Red Hen

Week 6  Giddy the Great

Week 7  Farmer Duck

Judy Cadogan

Nursery Teacher /


Natasha Plested


Denise Miguel


Faye Gayle


Joe Wine

Early Years Practitioner














Just some reminders:


If you are not collecting your child yourself, please inform us or the office of the change and provide us with the name of the contact so we can inform your child.


Make sure every item is clearly labelled with your child’s name. If they are not named, it will be more difficult to identify if they are misplaced.

Books and Book bags

Children are encouraged to take a book home in their book bags daily. We suggest that you read to them every night. We have a lot of books in the nursery and would love it if you would like to borrow them. Please ensure that the books are returned so that other children can have a turn at borrowing them.


Many thanks,

The Nursery Team.