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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

Values and Ethos

The School Vision and Ethos

Our 'Vision Statement' has been agreed by the Governing Body and represents a picture of how the school will develop and grow in future years.  These aspirations are shared with our key stakeholders and are reviewed regularly to ensure that this vision for the future reflects the ever-changing world of education, the needs of our pupils and their families and the communities we serve.

John Donne Primary School will:

  • Become a Centre of Excellence.
  • Develop as a local 'Hub' that provides a range of extended and complimentary services to include health, art and culture;
  • Further extend its links and reputation locally, nationally and internationally as part of a network that shares and supports effective practice;
  • Develop as a 'training centre' in order to provide a range of educational training facilities;
  • Be developed as an 'environmentally friendly' enterprise and promote sustainability in all its work;

Our vision is that John Donne Primary School will act as a positive catalyst for change and improvement, working with all its parents. 

The aims of our school

The aims of our school are to enable all pupils:

  • To improve on their previous best.
  • To be happy in school and to find pleasure in learning.
  • To live in an ethos of fairness, honesty and mutual respect among all members of the school community.
  • To develop self-discipline and a positive self image.
  • To be prepared for the next stage in their academic career and for life.

Our Golden Rules

We are gentle - we don't hurt others

We are kind and helpful - we don't hurt anyone's feelings

We listen - we don't interrupt

We are honest - we don't cover up the truth

We work hard - we don't waste our own or other's time

We look after property - we don't waste or damage things