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Why train with us?

We offer outstanding teacher training in creative and innovative schools. You will have access to expert teachers from whom you can learn the art of teaching. You will also learn the very latest in theory and research on which our teaching rests. On completion you will be well equipped to teach in schools in inner city London and across the world.

You will join Goldsmiths, University of London's Primary programme, with full access to university services and facilities, benefiting from the expertise and the research profile of our Primary team. You will focus on either 3-7 year-olds (Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1), 5-11 year-olds (Key Stage 1/Key stage 2) or 7-11 year-olds (Key Stage 2). You are supported professionally by a system of school and personal tutoring and will spend 120 days in two different placement schools, including a longer placement within one of the schools in this School Direct cluster.

We are proud of the fact that our School Direct salaried programme leads to the award of the highly prestigious Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), with 60 Master's credits and QTS.

The programme covers all the National Curriculum subjects and deals in detail with the three core areas of English, Mathematics and Science. In each curriculum area, opportunities are provided to enable you to develop understanding of the teaching and learning process, and to learn about effective classroom practice. The 3-7 age range programme includes additional sessions relevant to teaching in the Foundation Stage. Cross curricular themes, skills and dimensions are a vital part of the programme, and thematic integrated patterns of work are encouraged throughout your school experience and college-based work.

In addition to your work in class and your academic studies, you will benefit from a professional studies programme.  It is designed to provide school-focussed learning with a particular spotlight on practical issues for trainees in their everyday practice.  Trainees will have the opportunity to visit a variety of other schools in the partnership, to learn about different approaches to teaching and learning, and some chances to reflect on their learning and progress on the School Direct programme.  It will enhance and enrich the trainees’ experience and will have two distinct focuses:

Teaching and learning

These sessions will be focussed on the skills, knowledge and expertise that you will need to build up in order to develop your classroom practice.  They will be twilight sessions, loaded towards the beginning of the course in order to help you develop your classroom practice as early as possible.  Sessions this year have been on planning, behaviour management, assessment, inclusion and questioning.

The primary curriculum

There will be a day’s workshop each half term on curriculum matters.  These workshops will be held in partnership schools and will have a particular curriculum focus.  Staff from the host schools will work to design and run each workshop.  The sessions this year will be on English, Maths, challenging the more able, the early years, creativity and specialist SEN provision.